Mac Updates: The Beginning of Something Great


By: Cali Godwin

Like many other organizations on campus, the Spectator decided to try some new things this past semester. The newest venture includes the Mac Updates. Every Monday and Friday, a new video is recorded, updating the students, staff and faculty on upcoming events. These updates highlight not only campus events, but McPherson-wide events as well. The Monday updates, hosted by Cali Godwin and Scarlet Rodriquez, recap the weekend and inform viewers on the week events as well. The Friday updates, hosted by Drew Brunecz and Elliot Mehrens, discuss upcoming weekend’s events. Rodriquez shares her excitement about the Mac Updates saying, “I’m excited to keep learning and working in front of the camera.” When these hosts aren’t writing their own scripts and recording, they show true fun and interest in what they are doing for the school. “I enjoy working with Cali! We have fun behind the scenes and work well together”, Rodriquez said. If you wish for the Mac Updates to talk about a specific event, accomplishment, topic etc., email Mac Updates at [email protected].  The Mac Updates will continue in the spring, informing the public of McPherson’s latest events and accomplishments, so make sure to tune in to catch all the excitement.