CJ’s Picks: NBA Season


By Cesar J. Lopez

For those looking to make informed picks on PrizePicks, here are some top selections based on recent NBA performances and expert analysis: 

1. Jayson Tatum Over 9.5 Rebounds – Tatum has been consistently strong on the boards, averaging close to 10 rebounds per game. Given his recent form, betting on him to exceed 9.5 rebounds is a solid pick 

2. Donovan Mitchell Over 33.5 Points + Assist – Mitchell has been a key player for his team, often surpassing this combined total in his recent games. His role as a primary scorer and playmaker makes this a favorable bet 

3. Luka Doncic Over 18.5 Rebounds + Assists- Doncic’s versatility and ability to contribute across multiple stat categories make him a reliable pick for this combined total. He often fills up the stat sheet with both rebounds and assists 

4. Chet Holmgren Over 14.5 Points – The rookie has shown scoring prowess, and with favorable matchups, he’s likely to exceed this points total. His scoring has been on an upward trend, making this a good pick 

5. Shai Gilgeous-Alexander Under 7.5 Rebounds – Despite his overall strong play, Gilgeous-Alexander tends to fall short on rebounds, making the under on this prop a strategic choice 

When making your picks, it’s also important to consider the type of play: 

– **Power Plays** require all picks to be correct for a payout but offer higher rewards. 

– **Flex Plays** allows for some margin of error, providing payouts even if not all picks are correct. 

REMINDER: BE DISCIPLINED AND DO NOT INVOLVE FEELINGS IN THIS. 98% of sports gamblers don’t make any profit. Let’s be the 2% that does!


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