Pink October

Breast Cancer Awareness Month


By: Tomi Simmons

Every year October calls for the pink out  Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It is a time to raise money towards a cure and treatment, to raise awareness, and to remember loved ones who have passed away from this disease. Throughout the month there are national events, conferences, and memorials to unify people towards the cause. There is also much education on how to be aware of your body, and to understand when to see a doctor in order to prevent the cancer from spreading. Though there are numerous tools offered to catch the diagnosis early, there are still many losses and no cure to breast cancer.

  According to the American Cancer Society, “40,610 women will pass away from breast cancer,” Many people have lost their loved ones to this disease, and so McPherson College has made this month a time to remember them. Around the dorms and on the bulletin boards there are facts about Breast Cancer with a sign where you can put up a loved one’s name as a memorial. In addition to remembering, there is celebration for survivors of breast cancer. All month many people who have survived hold charity events for the cause, and raise awareness. In Wichita, there will be a Susan G Komen “Making Strides” walk on October 14th, where donations are accepted for the foundation. There will be a remembrance of people who have passed away from breast cancer ; and a celebration for the survivors or those who are in remission. It is a way to get the community involved while simultaneously making a change for people.

   Education about this disease is important, because the warning signs are quite subtle. Susan G Komen has released a list of warning signs onto their website, a couple of the items listed are, “lumps in the breast, redness or discomfort in your chest area, and rashes.” Go to for more information on what to look for.  

  With much going on nationally, McPherson College held a “Zumbathon” for local breast cancer fighters. It was a three hour zumba dance session for fifteen dollars on October 6; all proceeds went to a “Giving hope” cancer fund. The organizer of this event, sophomore Kylee Martin, is the zumba instructor for the event. When asked what inspired her to hold this event, her response was ,

  “ I have two aunts who are survivors of breast cancer, and doing this event with them a couple of years ago, boosted their spirits tremendously. Their mindsets really became more positive. Also, it’s great to see a community come together, have fun, and it’s all for such a great cause.”

   See the online addition of Spectator in order to see an article about the “Zumbathon”.

  Breast Cancer Awareness Month is a time not just to wear pink, but to celebrate the advances in cancer research, to remember the people who have lost their life,  and the ones that are still fighting for their lives today.

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