Movie Review: A Star is Born


By: Cali Godwin

A Star is Born, directed and starring Bradley Cooper, came out into theatres October 15th2018. Since coming out, the movie has gotten waves of positive feedback. This movie is the debut of Coopers directing career. Alongside Cooper stars Lady Gaga, a popular pop artist who made her acting debut in this movie, as well. From the first trailer, fans have been hooked and anticipating the third remake of A Star is Born. Gaga unfolds a new side of her that many haven’t seen before. She strips away the raw-steak covered dress to show the raw side of what she can really do as an actress. In the film, Ally (Gaga), is a waitress who doesn’t plan to be discovered and find love at the same time; but she does. When Ally meets country star Jack (Cooper), she follows him to form stardom of her own. As tragedy strikes, Gaga and Cooper bring jaw-dropping performances to the screen. With both Gaga and Cooper using their real voices in the songs, as well as co-writing the soundtrack, it’s safe to say that the authenticity and performances raise the bar of this movie in and of itself.  For those of you looking for a tear-jerking movie, A Star is Born is the perfect film to let your emotions free, and see these two actors bring raw talent and the beauty of music and heartache to the big screen.