The Man Known as Bushy B


By: Isaac Murphy

Who was Braden Bush?  To meet Braden initially one might think he’s a quiet and reserved individual.  Once you grow to know him on a more personal level as a classmate, teammate or just a campus peer you’d find that couldn’t be further from the truth.  

Starting this 2017-2018 year has been somewhat of a rough start as we’ve had to begin the year without Braden (our angel in the endzone-15).  Braden had an infectious smile and a personality that could brighten your darkest day.  Braden never wanted to settle for mediocrity in everything he did he reached for the highest level of perfection in class and on the field. In his desire for to achieve what God purposed for his life he also encouraged everyone he encountered to reach their fullest potential as well.  If you knew him, you also knew he would not allow anyone to treat him with less respect than he deserved very outspoken and would defend right no matter who he had to go up against.  

I’d be remissed if I didn’t mention how much of a comedian/dancer/rapper-singer he was.  Braden even had his own group called the “Naughty Money Family.”  Since his passing many have shared through Facebook, Instagram and other social media sites all their wonderful memories they have of him.  If you are someone just seeing these posts because you know someone he might have known, you’ll feel like you wished you could’ve had an opportunity to meet and know him for yourself.  

The road to healing has just begun for all that knew him; faculty, his teammates and the entire Bulldog family.  This young man has left a lasting impression on everyone and will be greatly missed.   Though his death took many by surprise, it has brought many people closer and the life he lived before the world has shown us all that we must live each day to the fullest and enjoy our family and friends.  Live with no regrets!!!!!  Fly high Bushy B you’ll forever be in our hearts!!