By: Tomi Simmons

When passing McPherson College, construction can be seen at the entrance of campus. A landmark is being built, beginning the first of the college’s modernization projects. The entrance is going to reflect the attitude of McPherson College, and it will be somewhere for students to come to see as well as the community.

This project begins the overall five year goal of updating the student service areas. The need for the updates are due to the student growth, and the essential idea to keep progressing as the community develops. Funds for the entrance came from Don Peter’s family, who is the son of the 47’th president of the college. President Schneider has been  overseeing the plan for the upcoming projects, and said

“Not only does this create an impressive entrance to the college, but it also serves as a footprint for our future plans for campus facilities,”

The new addition to campus, began with the strategic plan “Community by Design”. When asked how President Schneider decided to approach the goals for the college, his response was,

““We spent time last year thinking about how to plan our future differently,” President Schneider said. “We decided that strategic planning was the work of our community rather than just a committee.”

Though there is much plan for the future , there has been installments the past two years.The campus has had safety entrance updates regarding keyless entry, a 7.4 million energy plan, and construction regarding the streets, curbs, and gutters.

The  entrance will be shown homecoming weekend, and there will be a student involvement event at the revealing. The plans for McPherson College have just begun, through the  progression of the next five years it will become modern along with the growing population of students.