Porsche Rebuilt


By Tara Feeney

The 1957 365A Porsche is undoubtedly a classic. When you see it driving up the street, you just have to stop and stare. It’s one of those cars that you just can’t help yourself. You might have been lucky to see the aquamarine metallic blue car cruising around town this week, driven by McPherson automotive restoration student Zoe Carmichael. Carmichael had the car on loan from a board member at The Garage in Salina, where she is an employee. According to the owner, she first encountered the car when she saw her neighbor driving it. She claims that he very rarely drove it and always with the top up. Several years later, he retired and moved away and gave her the chance to purchase the car. From there on, several changes were made. When she first acquired the car, it was painted silver, which she had changed back to the factory spec color of aquamarine metallic blue. From there on, she replaced the 912 engine with a serial numbered 356c engine, which was rebuilt in 2017. In addition, the correct shifter mechanism was installed, and the taillights were updated from teardrops to beehive taillights, which was how they were when they were initially manufactured. The paint and bodywork were actually done by two graduates of the automotive restoration program, David Henderson and Adam Banks. The two were working at a foreign car shop in Kansas City. The mechanical components of the restoration were handled by Trevor Sewell in Englewood, Colorado. The car is in perfect running condition and is the perfect machine for a sunset cruise.