Why Blue Beetle is Better than Spiderman


By Sofia Ramirez

Note: This article contains spoilers for Blue Beetle (2023). 

Jaime Reyes is a young adult who was gifted a type of alien technology through an artifact from outer space called the Scarab. The Scarab works by bonding and fusing with every cell in the host’s body with the purpose of protecting the host. The Scarab was able to give him the ability to fly as well as super strength, instant weaponry, and combative skills. His super hero name is Blue Beetle.  

Peter Parker is another young adult who received super human abilities. Peter Parker was bitten by a scientifically created or altered spider which soon after gave him the ability to generate and shoot webs from his wrists (in some universes). He was also given abilities such as superhuman strength, agility, balance, quick reflexes, coordination, high stamina, as well as the ability to stick on surfaces even if upside down. His name is Spiderman.  

Jaime Reyes and Peter Parker are both classic representations of the underdog narrative. They both started at the bottom with a lowered self esteem and came out on top with new experiences that changed them for the better. Although these two super heroes have great power and stories, Blue Beetle absolutely takes the cake for two major reasons: motivation and combat. 

Everyone has motivations for what they do. Jaime Reyes is strongly motivated by his family. In the movie, one of the biggest messages is that the love you have for your family is the thing that makes you strong. Throughout the movie, you can immediately tell that the Reyes family is very close knit. They support each other so selflessly and always encourage those who need it in dark uncertain times. Even before Jaime had powers, he went to college and graduated in hopes of giving his family a better quality of life. Towards the end, you see that Jaime fights stronger and harder in memory of his father and for the safety of his family. Even his family put themselves in danger and fought against the villains in order to save Jaime when he was taken. The love Jaime has for his family is such a great foundation and motivation for not just him being a superhero, but for all aspects of his life.  

Spiderman is motivated by the people of New York and their safety. Although it is a sincere motivation, it can quickly fall because that care wasn’t instilled in him until after the death of his Uncle Ben, which motivated him to become Spiderman. Jaime has had his motivation since day one, therefore it is a pillar for who he is. Jaime feels this on a deeper and more personal level.  

The second reason why Blue Beetle is better than Spiderman is due to Blue Beetle’s combative skills and powers. Blue Beetle and The Scarab work together as a team in order to fight and achieve their goals. Jaime is able to generate weaponry, such as swords and blasters, and strong shields from his hands with the help of The Scarab. “Whatever you can imagine, I can create,” The Scarab says. Since The Scarab is fused with Jaime, it can control his body when needed. When Jaime fights one of the villains for the first time, he is scared and confused on what to do. Immediately, The Scarab takes control of his body and has Jaime doing all sorts of combative moves and techniques, leaving him shocked yet pleasantly surprised. Last but not least, The Scarab gives Jaime the power of flight. Obviously flight is great for travel as well as evasive techniques. 

Spiderman’s skills are more evasive instead of direct. Spiderman does fight, however it’s more of circling and tagging his opponent. Spiderman’s powers are more physically based, where his body is able to withstand more as well as have the stamina to do more. Jaime can create any weapons of his liking and he faces his enemies head on instead of running around and dodging hits.  

I know comparing two super heroes can be a slippery slope since each hero has their own strengths and weaknesses. Of course, people have their preferences on which abilities are better. However, when it comes to head to head combat, powers, and leadership, Blue Beetle reigns superior.