Senior Spotlight: Devrie Sombers


Dy: Antonio Snyder

Devrie Sombers is a senior volleyball player at McPherson College and has been a large part of the team’s success.

Sombers is from Colorado Springs, Colorado and had previously attended Pine Creek High School. Sombers is a member of the Pre-Health Professions Club. She chose McPherson College because of the short 6-hour drive and its exceptional science program. Sombers was also grateful for the drop-down game day net in the gym. “I really liked [the net] so that we wouldn’t have to set it up on game days. Setting up normal nets can really be a pain, so I appreciate it.”

Sombers has been playing Volleyball for about 14 years. She is a biology major and plans to continue her education, but hasn’t decided between dental school or becoming a physician’s assistant. When Sombers isn’t hitting the books or playing on the court, she enjoys skiing, hiking, relaxing in hammocks, or anything else that brings her closer to her friends while exploring nature, including skydiving.

Devrie would like to thank the McPherson College Spirit Squads, stating that “The spirit squad didn’t [cheer for volleyball] in previous years and we’ve loved having them on the sidelines!”