By: Antonio Snyder

         McPherson College has a hot new book floating around campus, Collateral Bodies. Even better, it is a book written by our own sophomore, Tomi Simmons. Though Tomi has carried the goal of being a published author since elementary school, she has finally built up the courage to try to make this dream a reality. With her impeccable talent, and the help of the Horizon Fund, this goal was easily accomplishable! Simmons thought every aspect of this book through thoroughly. When asked about the meaning behind the title, she stated “The title of my book is Collateral Bodies because everything in my life has been in a collateral motion. We are all so connected and find that theme in my writing. Bodies was included because I think that the human body is one of the most beautiful things.” Collateral Bodies is a chapbook filled with some of Simmons’s best and most personal works of poetry, and is made in a fashion so that all of her readers can relate to it, and apply it to their own lives. “I want readers to know that this book is for them. I wrote very personal ideas, stories, and themes to connect and understand that no one is alone. I wrote it because through everything, the human spirit will always triumph.” Because of the success in her first book, Tomi plans to continue her poetry career into the future, releasing more books for all to enjoy! Tomi would like everybody to know about her chapbook release party and open mic night that is being held Friday, March 8th, 2019 at 6pm. This event will be held at Craft Coffee in McPherson, KS and the McPherson College Rogue Writers will be purchasing coffee, cookies, and tea for all of the attendees.