By: Kim Hill

Recently, I was able to speak with the head volleyball coach Jessica Cleveland. Cleveland told me how the team is doing this season, as well as mentioned their previous season.

Last season, the volleyball team did awesome. They lost only one senior due to graduation and filled the hole back in February. The team has been together for six months and they get along great as a team. Recruiting basically never ends, they recruit based off of skills and techniques. They got rid of goals and replaced it with values. The team has three values they go by: “Camaraderie” is family friendly and mutual trust in team and friendship, “Bounce Back” means to come back from failure, and finally, “I bit no bark”, or is to be humble through success.

The volleyball team is 19-1 this season. While watching them in the stands, I see them play as a team and get along well with each other. They help each other out during practice and during the game. Practice started August 13thso they could get ready for the season head of them. The volleyball team is focused on winning this season. They will lose only four seniors this year, but they will fill those shoes for next season. They will do well every season as they stay focused and work as a team.

The KCAC tournaments starts November 8thand goes through November 10th. First round of nationals are November 17th. Sixty-four players will play in Iowa on November 27thto December 1st. I love watching them play in the games and in practice. I know they want to go all the way, that is why they practice hard before the season starts. They are playing good teams in the states. I remember when they were excited about going to Florida over Labor Day weekend. I really enjoy bonding with team. It helps me to get know the team better.