Amari The Hurdler


By Ronnie Floyd

Amari Heisser does both sets of hurdling in track and field which includes in the 110-meter-high hurdles and the 400 meter hurdles, just learning and focusing on one is very challenging. He said, “It allows me to focus on something other than running around the track every day, it is always a challenge and you have to focus at all times.” Heisser does the 110 meter hurdles or better known as the “High hurdles.” They are usually 42 inches and there are 10 hurdles in the race placed every 10 meters. Heisser also does the 400 meter hurdles, this race has 10 hurdles at 35 meters apart of the race and forces you to make sure you have a certain rhythm throughout the race. Heisser is currently first in the KCAC in the 110 hurdles and third in the KCAC in the 400 hurdles. He said he prefers the high hurdles but the 400 meter hurdles are for conditioning to make sure he stays in great shape. Also, due to the 110 hurdles being one of the first events you get bored if you don’t have any other races so it’s fun sometimes.