Seven Seconds: Review


By Ronnie Floyd

Seven Seconds is a series that is available on Netflix only and it portrays the harsh reality of when law enforcement cover up crimes to help each other out. Starring Regina King as a mother who works as a teacher, she is married and has one child who is fifteen years of age. While she is at work her son was hit by a car on an alleged hit and run. After being informed of the accident King and her family gathered at the hospital and meet with the attorney who is working the case. Initially, it seems as if they have the person who committed the crime in custody and was ready to prosecute him because he was inebriated while operating a vehicle. After due diligence the man initially found responsible for the crime had an alibi. Eventually after long hours or research and finding clues it was discovered the child was killed by an off-duty police officer and the officer covered up the crime with the help of his squad because it was perceived the kid was dead initially and no one would care because he was African American. The cops messed up when they left the crime scene and did not know the boy stayed alive.

In my opinion, this series ‘Seven Seconds’ was the most intriguing thing I have watched all year. It made me rush home whenever free time existed to watch every second even having me rewind moments to make sure I did not miss anything. I recommend it for everyone.

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