Before the Fame: Review


By Ronnie Floyd

“Before the Fame” is a documentary on iTunes. Starring Bryan Williams the CEO of Cash MoneyRecordss. This record label is responsible for talents such as Lil Wayne, Hot boyz, Nicki Minaj, and Drake. Bryan Williams, who goes by the nickname “Birdman,” grew up in New Orleans in the Magnolia project which is essentially the poor parts of the town, the only true opportunity to make money in their eyes was to sell drugs and Birdman and his crew were very successful in that aspect until eventually he was incarcerated. While incarcerated he pays homage to reading the Bible and after that it changed his life making him want to be a better man.

Once released, Birdman starting purchasing real estate throughout New Orleans and then eventually purchasing a record label and from there Cash Money records was created. Lil Wayne was nine years of age when signed by Birdman and he already had an upcoming group that Lil Wayne joined eventually forming the Hot Boyz.

I loved this film it is exclusively on iTunes and this documentary is a three-part series and shows how the top selling urban record label of all time is formed Cash money as a whole has sold over 1 billion records according to the movie and I am a life time fan, it shows how being persistent and not giving up on yourself can pay off.

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