Air Myles


By Ronnie Floyd

When initially coming to McPherson college Myles Sample had the dreadlock hairstyle, it was something he started in high school and transitioned to college with. He felt the style was cool it was a “Free flow” dread lock type of style allowing it to do whatever it wants without being maintained by some individuals who have dreadlocks. His style was similar to the R&B artist The Weeknd. However, Myles runs track and having hair in that style can affect his performance because at the end of the day, running the 100 meter and 200 meter and 4×100 relay, you try to have nothing holding you back. Air dynamics come into play when involving track and field, many athletes in the track and field shave to have less hair. Sample’s hairstyle holds him back in a sense like a weight or having a parachute while running. So for his sophomore year, he cut the dreadlocks. Success has followed as he and the 4×100 relay team has broken the school record and have placed an “A” standard time of 41.41 and will compete at nationals later in May. “I felt it was time to cut it and do not regret it.”