Diamond Dogs Competitive Debut: Stunting On The Competition


By: Toni Snyder

The McPherson College Cheer team preparing to step on the mat!

The McPherson College 2018 Cheer season drew to an end on February 18th at the KCAC Cheer and Dance Championship in Hillsboro, KS.

Despite losing many members throughout the year due to injury and ineligibility, the squad managed to take fifth place out of the six teams in attendance with a score of 53 points.  This was the third competition the squad had performed in, following a duel with Friends University on the February 7th in which the team suffered a close loss of 43-52 and another against Tabor college on the 14th, raising their score by 17 points (60-75) with zero points taken off for deductions!

The cheer squad is scored on a 100-point system that must include a jump sequence, standing and running tumbling, a stunt sequence, baskets, and a pyramid with transitions. The routine must not exceed two minutes and fifteen seconds, and there are points deducted for each wobble or drop.

There are also points awarded for overall uniformity, enthusiasm, and use of the area. The team performed well for their first year on the matts in four years and is expected to continue excelling through the coming seasons. “For our cheer program to still be growing and for us to be new to competition, I think we did pretty well,” said Aysia Pryor, junior, “I feel as if this was our test year and we were able to dip our feet in the water so I’m excited for the next competition season, to see how we improve.”   The team understands that the only limitations they have are the ones they place on themselves. Nothing can hold back the stars of the sideline. One thing is for sure, even with the odds stacked against them, like a new coach, ineligibility, new routines, and countless injuries, the Diamond Dogs will overcome, because after all, athletes lift weights, cheerleaders lift athletes.