Elephant and Piggie: “We Are In A Play”


By: Gregory Roller

Elephant and Piggie “We are In a Play” was an excellent play. The play was written by Mo Willems, and directed by Jd Bowman. It was about a pig named Piggie and an elephant named Gerald who were best friends and went on many adventures together. Piggie was played by Micaila Curtis and Gerald was played by Grant H. Tuttle.  They did a wonderful job of reaching the intended audience perfectly. The play got the kids to interact and the adults as well with arm flailing they asked them to do. The play was filled with many laughs and many obstacles that the two best friends would solve as well as help from the squirrels. The squirrels were played by Courtney Weesner, Elisha Wilcock, Liz Thornton, and Bailey Short. At many times, I was drawn in and caught myself really genuinely laughing. It was a very well put together play. One fan’s favorite scene was at a point where Piggie was invited to a party, and Gerald acted like he knew all about parties, yet never been to one. The two brainstormed and knew it was going to be a funny hat, fancy costume, pool party. Overall the play was a success and I will be attending many more school productions.