Campus Invites Families to ‘Bulldog Family Day’

Students and their family members during a game of Family Feud on Bulldog Family Day, Saturday, February 10.

By: Deiah Curtis

Students and their family members during a game of Family Feud on Bulldog Family Day, Saturday, February 10.

Saturday, February 10, McPherson College hosted their very own Family Day. Family Day was filled with competitions, games, prizes, family and entertainment. One big hit on Family Day was SAB’s Family Feud! Eight families competed in a massive, audience-interactive, live game of the hit game show Family Feud. Families went head to head, battling it out for the $50 gift card prize and a chance to win $100 cash in the Fast Money round. “It was a fantastic time, being able to be a part of the competition,” says Misse Cooper Swiggart, sophomore Ryan Swiggart’s mom.

The McPherson College Family Day not only had the excitement of feuds between families, but a range of activities brought the campus to life making it enjoyable for people of all ages. “Oh, I think the college has done a great job with today’s activities and including everyone,” says Lynnette Martin, sophomore Kylie Martin’s mom. Whether you’re young or old, from town or the other side of the country, Family Day took care of each of the 143 guests on Saturday. Greeted at 9am with an address from President Michael Schneider, 41 families had the rest of the day to go, go, go. From the raffles to cash prizes, Family Feud to Bulldog Basketball to Big-Time Bingo, the events were endless on McPherson turf.

Along with several other fantastic events for families to go to, some of the students from the Automotive Restoration program broke their team’s record of the fastest Model-T car assembled from simple parts to a functioning automobile. The six-man team completed the build in 7 minutes and 27 seconds, giving the audience quite a show. “This is the fastest this particular team has ever built it,” says Lucas Jez, a junior in the automotive restoration program. “It’s a great feeling to complete something like this, especially for a crowd when the pressure is on. I love being a part of this team and we all work very well together making the build a lot smoother. Today’s time was good, but I know we are going to push to be even faster for our build in May.”

After a great day on campus; through a scavenger hunt, family feud, senior recognitions, raffles and prizes, basketball games, a theatre production and late night bingo, families left McPherson College with great laughs and great memories.