Brilliant Bulldogs


By: Deiah Curtis

This past Wednesday, April 18th, McPherson College was booming with brilliance of all different types of talents, and boy was it a talented night. SAB (student activities board) hosted the annual campus competition ‘McPherson’s Got Talent’ for all faculty, staff and student body to compete in.

With nine acts to get through, McPherson’s Got Talent was one of the most exciting shows they’ve had yet with a rock-out-band, a rockin’ red dress and three rad judges, this show brought down the house in style.

Judging the evening’s talented selection was veteran judge, Jd Bowman, along with new comers, Christi Hopkins and Rod Gieselman. Hosting the night’s brilliance was none other than the hilarious Tanner Trigg, making sure to keep the audience and the show rolling with his hit and stage charm.

Acts included; Grant Tuttle singing “I’ll be” whilst playing the accompaniment on the guitar, Tomi Simmons giving the audience a moving piece of original slam poetry, Micaila Curtis, singing “Make You Feel My Love” by Adele whilst playing the accompaniment on the piano. As the evening progressed, more acts took the stage like; Neema Mataboro singing “For Your Glory” in a stunning red gown, Coach Ramos breaking it down with an original song/rap, followed by Toni Snyder who brought down the house with his own take on a musical number from the Broadway play “Shrek.” For the eighth act, Seamus Hnat performed a skillful piece on the organ, followed by Sam Arrant (electric guitar), Winston Stauffer (drums), and Jacob San Martin (base) who ended the show with a blowout band performance.

At the end of the night, Grant Tuttle took home 3rd place, Coach Ramos snagging 2nd, and Arrant, Stauffer, and San Martin rocked away with 1st place. Toni Snyder took home people’s choice awards, and the rest of us where giving an evening of excitement, incredible talent, and brilliant bulldogs.