No, Not Daniel, but David Radcliff: The Strife for a Better Life


By: Deiah Curtis

Even though he’s not the famous star that waved a magic wand and saved Hogwarts countless times, David Radcliff is using his passion and love of people and the planet all over the globe. Radcliff is director of the organization “New Community Project”, a foundation that has already changed millions of lives worldwide and opened the gates to new understanding. The New Community Project (NCP) promotes peace through justice, care for creation, and experimental learning.

NCP works around the globe to help climate change, create Earth awareness, and bring better life to everyone it can. Radcliff and his team have led and worked in places from the South Sudan, Myanmar, Nepal, to the rainforests of the Amazon. NCP works towards both new and better life. Sending special trips all over the globe to help rebuild homes, establishing irrigation and territory, to replanting thousands of trees and vegetation of destroyed forests. Radcliff and his team are avid Earth and human protectors, trying not only to help improve people’s situations but bring more awareness to them and their situations.

Radcliff and his team are always available, making sure to speak whenever and wherever they can about the many experiences they’ve encountered and how different the world can be in many countries. Radcliff and his team speak in schools, churches, community events, and youth groups, along with regional and national gatherings. He wants to spread the message and bring a better understanding to how we relate to the world and the people that live all across it.

Radcliff even came to McPherson College. He spoke to students about how life is full of different and new perceptions, all exceedingly valuable. Students were able to interact and ask questions about many different countries and the hardships they face every day. Radcliff then showed the significance that every human holds, and how large a footprint of simple things can be on our planet. He displayed many things he encounter around the world and why we must be better informed and more proactive with our environment and with all people.

Their mission is simple, find a way to create a better life for all mankind. They send special trips all over the world, every single year. Different trips to the Amazon, to Nepal, to the Sudan to help plant trees, build homes and towns, to bring more awareness to issues all around the globe and to find ways to get more people involved in global change. Donations can be given and 100% of your donation goes towards whatever project the donor chooses. So although he might not be the boy who lived, David Radcliff is a man showing the world how to find a better way of life.