Shakespeare Returns to Mingenback Theatre with a Twist 


Eli Jordan 

Shakespeare’s work is widely known across theatres and auditoriums around the world. But when closely reviewing his work, and how it has been performed, one noticeable thing stands out. The number of men that have been casted in his roles. So, J.D. Bowman of the theatre department has solely cast women and LGBTQ+ identifying actors for this production. Timon of Athens is set as a lavish dinner party, when the gracious host suddenly realizes he, or in this case she, has run out of money. After discovering none of her friends care to return the generosity that Timon once had, she rejects all of society, and moves to the woods to become a hermit. The director has described this show as, “the party of the year with dance music, couture costumes, and a disco ball! This is Shakespeare, but not traditional Shakespeare.”  

The lead. For the show, Toby LeFew had this to say, “I’m excited for performing, as well as wearing the amazing costumes.” Timon of Athens is a story about not listening to those who care about you. Timon’s true friends tried to warn her, but she did not listen. She chose to continue to appease the higher-class friends in her circle until it eventually came to bite her. Timon of Athens will premier March 9th in Mingenback Theatre at 7:30 P.M. Shows will continue at the same time on March 10th and 11th. You can purchase tickets at Join the biggest party of the year for three fantastic nights at McPherson College!