Lambert: No time to feel isolated or lonely


By Alyssa Lambert

With school being online and living off-campus with a part-time job that gives me full-time hours, it seems I don’t have much time to feel isolated or lonely. I don’t have time for myself during the day. With work and school getting in the way of one another, I rarely have time to hang out with friends. When I want to have fun, it usually includes me watching a new show or movie that my friends or family have suggested. Right now I am watching a show called “Emily in Paris,” which has been entertaining, educational, and filled with amazing actors and actresses.

As I wake up for school every day for online classes in the morning, I usually like to wear comfy clothes such as hoodies, sweatpants, and then wearing socks to keep my feet warm and cozy. Although I live with my family, I like to keep school and my courses out of their way when we are all home, which puts me usually in my room or outside on a nice day. My time management skills for classes definitely have been adjusted. With work being a main priority along with school, I usually do my homework on the weekends and get caught up then while the week is filled with hours and hours of work and attending classes.

School this year I have to say is more stressful than the last couple of years due to being online. With smashing in all the knowledge necessary into a short few months, it is definitely hard to keep up with work and school. Altogether, by the end of my day, it is nice to relax, and enjoy quality time with my family, while lounging around watching movies and eating supper together.

This is in response to Prompt #3 from Campus ReBoot, an interactive documentary in collaboration with the University of Hartford and other colleges and universities in the US, China, and Australia. For more information and to see other responses, please visit the Campus ReBoot website here: