The 49ers Didn’t Know The Overtime Rules 


By Daryn Stack

The Super Bowl just finished, and the Chiefs were triumphant over the 49ers. Despite their victory, the recent news has little to do with the Chiefs.  

Following the game, reports have been surfacing that the 49ers team did not comprehend the overtime rules. This means that the 49ers coaches and staff elected to forgo a strategy meeting with their players to get them on the same page.  

“I didn’t even know about the new playoff overtime rule, so it was a surprise to me,” Niners defensive lineman Arik Armstead said. Armstead continued, “I didn’t even really know what was going on in terms of that.”  

Justin Reid, football safety for the Kansas City Chiefs, also said “we’ve talked about it all year. Every week of the playoffs we talked about the overtime rule.” 

Now compare this with how the Chiefs decided to handle the situation. They had multiple coaches discuss the rules with their groups to keep them informed. One may wonder whether or not this could be one of the deciding factors for how the game played out. With new overtime rules being implemented within the playoffs, and this being the first instance it was used, keeping players and teams informed about the rules of the game is key.


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