“Daddy Long Legs” is Nov. 21-23

By Levi Elkins

          The next McPherson Theatre Department musical, “Daddy Long Legs” is Nov. 21– 23. The production is a two-person romantic musical. This, although a small show, is proving to be quite challenging. Between balancing the music and acting, Professor Jd. Bowman said, “I’m confident this show will do better with our older crowd or just anyone that enjoys romantics.” Another challenge brought on by the show is the set. “Although it is a smaller set, it has to look good because the audience sits closer to it. If it looks poor, they will clearly see it and it draws away from the actors,” said Professor Jen Pollard. The play is set in 1912 when women’s rights are just beginning to see change in the United States. This leads the play in an interesting direction as each actor must find themself thinking in a mindset proper for the time period. Tanner Trigg is the leading male role and he has been finding difficulty in trying to dig through the stereotypes and history to find his inner character. When asked about anything the audience should know before going in, he said to keep in mind this is a musical. However, it is not a dance heavy musical. This show relies on more romantics and vocals, rather than physical movements. Come to this show ready to feel what the musical is trying to evoke. This show will make you laugh, but not too hard. This show will also make you sad, however, you shouldn’t cry. The show is just a pleasant emotional ride that leaves you happy to follow.