USD 418 School Board Members Elected


By Hannah Butler

          The general elections concluded on Nov. 5 and the unofficial results have been posted. There were nine people running for school board. The candidates included Alan Burghart, Jeffrey Butler, Robin Werth, Lara Vanderhoof, Brian Meek, Jeff Johnson, Dale Patrick, Ann Parkins and Emily Greer. Of these nine, only four were elected for the open spots. Winners of the election are Greer, Patrick, Johnson and Parkins. Parkins was at the top with 1,396 votes.

          There have been many discussions about Summit wtihin McPherson USD 418, the superintendent, and the teachers, who are working without a contract. According to questions asked by the McPherson News, Jeff Johnson would like to find a superintendent and help better the education for students on the path to graduate. Dale Patrick says the school board needs to focus on accountability while keeping the success of students and larger paychecks for teachers a “high priority.” Ann Parkins also talks about having a more productive superintendent and wants the school board to have goals and a vision. Lastly, Emily Greer wants a school board that is cooperative and productive.

          Overall, the four who were elected seem to share the same views about schools, curriculum, responsibilities of the school board, and higher pay for teachers. They all want a better curriculum that will help students in the community to learn what they need for their futures. Many voters hope the problems the public schools are facing will be addressed by those elected for the school board.