Senior Spotlight: Reganne Barker


By Taylor Perez

          Reganne Barker (pictured below right) is a senior leader on the McPherson College cheer team. Although she came in as a freshman in 2017, Barker will graduate in the spring of 2021 with a master’s in special education. “I reached this goal in four years by taking many college courses in high school,” said Barker. She believes that planning ahead and setting high goals for yourself play a big role in graduating early. McPherson College’s cheer team supports the basketball, volleyball, and football teams. The most exciting part for Barker, she says, is when the team they are cheering for has a breakout moment. “When they run in for a touchdown, have a nasty block, or hit that game winning spike. These moments are the best part about being a cheerleader. I get the feeling as though I am a part of the game.” You can catch Barker in action at Bulldog Madness on Oct. 16, or if you or someone you know is interested in joining the McPherson College cheer team, their visit day is on Oct. 19.