Freshmen Transitions


By: Cali Godwin

We are three months into the new school year, and events around campus are at an all-time high. Freshmen were welcomed in August with open arms and an abundance of activities to do. Last year a returning tradition took place the day freshmen moved in. The sea of red was brought back, where all freshmen followed a bag pipes player throughout the campus. The upperclassman and families of the freshman cheered on the new members of the McPherson College family while wearing red.

A group who had a big contribution to helping with the new freshmen are the ACE mentors on campus. This group of students help the freshmen make their transition into college a little easier in many ways. ACE mentors help with ACE class, act as a role model to their mentees, as well as help get freshmen involved with many events on campus.

I interviewed sophomore, Courtney Weesner, about her transition as a freshman compared to this year’s group. Weesner is an ACE mentor who could shed the light on an incoming freshman this year. Last year a new concept was born, called the “First 40 Days.” Weesner explained that, “The first 40 day’s events are held by a group of student leaders called the SEALS. They either are at events to check students in, or come up with ideas of events to be held, just so there’s something going on for the first 40 days that the freshmen are here.”

We discussed how the McPherson campus wants their freshmen to see that there is always something to do on campus and be involved, and the first 40 days are a great example of that. Besides the first 40 days, McPherson College offers a variety of events for all students. Weesner talked about her experience as a freshman, “I went to a lot of RA programmings and SAB events. I probably went to about 20 different things my first semester and maybe even double that my second semester.” With many events to choose from last year, this year’s events have increased. The resident assistants put on programmings throughout each month, clubs on campus hold events, and a new addition called “Pound Nights” have begun this year, as well.  With everything going on, Weesner stated that “They [freshmen] seem super involved, and loving the different things that are offered around campus.” McPherson college does all it can to make their students feel welcome and involved their first year and the years after. Weesner said it best, “You can tell the college wants their freshman and their new students to succeed here.”