Rise in Tuition


By: Eman McNeal

College tuition is a topic that is on every college student’s mind. College is an experience and learning opportunity that every person should have. However, college is expensive and will leave you swimming in dept. Since college is so expensive, it’s not good news to hear that your school of choice may have plans to raise the tuition cost. I started at McPherson College as a freshman with tuition priced at $34,000 a year, recently there has been discussion in admissions that by the time I am a senior it will be priced at $40,000. Tedious FASFA forms, long lines with no end at the Financial Aid office, bills to pay, starving college students and to add insult to injury they raise the tuition every year. McPherson should rethink this decision and consider the effect that it may have on the students and families that are a part of the college. This change will not only cause students to leave but also push new incoming students to reconsider their college decision. Tuition is one of the main factors every student and their parents are going to take into account when choosing what college is best for them. McPherson is a great school and it’s not hard to understand why students would choose to attend. It’s a smaller college, you get more one on one with professors, classes are close, they have great sports programs and you are able to be socially interactive with almost everyone on campus. It can be the perfect option, but the cost plays a role in that as well. Every student I spoke with agreed that they are not pleased with this change either. Some students even see this as ‘one more cause of stress’ toward their college experience. This happens at colleges all over and it shouldn’t. Students and their financial situations need to be taken into account. It’s no secret college is expensive, but the less that students worry about tuition, the more they can focus on the important aspects building toward their future.