Football season Recap


By: Eman McNeal

With the 2017 fall semester coming to an end, many student athletes like to take the time to reflect on previous sports seasons and take pride in awards and accomplishments on the season. The 2017 football season was definitely a season to look back and reflect on. The 2017-2018 football season for the McPherson College Bulldogs was slightly better than the Bulldogs previous year, as they had a season ending record of 3-7. The Bulldogs finished the year off ranked 9th in the conference, with the offense producing 44 touchdowns and a total of 3777 yards on the season. Finishing the season, the Bulldogs were awarded two 1st-team all-conference players, junior wide receiver Jackson Goodmiller and senior tackle Jalen Barns. The Bulldogs also had 14 total honorable mentions across the offense and defensive side of the ball. With the Bulldogs only graduating 8 seniors they should return most of their current roster, having the chance at returning as a strong team as they look forward to 2018 football season. I talked to a few players on what kind of things went into this season’s performance and production on the field. Freshman wide receiver Tevin Nash stated, “There have been countless hours of hard work and dedication that went into this year’s football season. From the 6a.m. workouts, to the hour-long film sessions, and two-hour-long practices. We were hungry to make a statement in the conference, and we still got worked to do but it takes a dedicated mindset and that’s what we have and had all year long throughout the season.” So, there you have it, and that wraps up the 2017-2018 football season recap.