Wrestlemania Recap


By Daryn J. Stack and Cesar J. Lopez

Rhea Ripley Retained the Women’s World Championship
This match had a great flow to it, but ultimately suffered from being shorter than expected and not living up to Rhea’s match in last year’s Wrestlemania against Charlotte Flair. This match was likely planned to go much longer but it is possible Rhea’s competitor Becky Lynch falling ill shortly before the match played a role in the length of the match. 

The Awesome Truth wins the WWE Raw Tag Teams Championships  
This Ladder Match had a lot of good matchups with many tag teams showing their skills on how to defend the ladders and even showing some amazing moves to get people off the ladders. These types of matches require you to be focused on the match because you never know what could happen. What was even more surprising is when The Awesome Truth secured the Raw belts meaning R-Truth also got his first WrestleMania win at 52 years old. 

A-Town Down Under wins the WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championships  
The first tag team to get their tag team championship belts obtained them relatively quickly using their schemes to get the belt.  

Sami Zayn Beats Gunther 
Sami Zayn comebacks and Defeats the Most Intimidating, Skilled, and handsome longest reigning Intercontinental Champion (The Ring General) Gunther. Sami Zayn hit Gunther with a barrage of attacks which made the Champion feel out of sorts. The most surprising move he used on Gunther was the Spine Buster which sealed the deal on Sami Zayn winning the Intercontinental Championship and taking down the longest reigning IC champion. 

Drew Macintyre defeats Seth Rollins World Heavyweight Champion  
Seth Rollins, even though he lost the build, was proud of Drew winning it. After the match, Drew was showboating to CM Punk which led CM Punk to attack him and Damien Priest took advantage of the Altercation by cashing in his Money in the Bank. Damien’s cash-in was an ultimate success resulting in him becoming the new World Heavyweight Championship 

Logan Paul retains the United States Championship by beating Kevin Owens and Randy Orton 
This match was a triple threat match meaning no eliminations so as you can expect a lot of interesting uses of steal chairs, brass knuckles, and even Ishowspeed, a famous YouTube/Twitch streaming star, coming to Logan Paul’s aid which resulted in one of the funniest RKO’s ever. In the end, Logan Paul pinned Kevin Owens to retain the United States Championship. 

Bailey beats Iyo Sky for the Women’s championship 
This match was interesting because it was a 1-on-1 match with zero interruptions. Leading up to this match Iyo Skys group Damage CTRL was Undermining Bailey at every single turn. The match overall was entertaining showing off what both wrestlers can do but a the end of it all Bailey showed off her grit and beat Iyo Sky for the Women’s championship. 

Cody Rhodes Beats Roman Reigns to become the Undisputed WWE Champion 
The Main Event of night two was a match for the ages. The match had everything a Professional Wrestling fan could ask for. Aside from the bombshell cameos, the match was building up to become a great story. However, that story was about to receive a multitude of curveballs. There were multiple chances for Cody to ‘Finish the Story’ throughout this match but almost every instance was met with a member of the bloodline, which Cody countered with friends of his own. First, Jimmy Uso came to Roman’s aid and Cody countered by having his twin brother Jey Uso take care of Jimmy. Then when Solo Sikoa interfered John Cena made a surprise entrance to aid Cody. The Rock came out and took care of Cena, that’s when Seth Rollins hobbled into the ring with a steel chair but his attempt was foiled by the Trible Chief Roman Reigns. That is when the undertaker surprised everyone by choke-slamming the rock and leaving. Shortly after Seth Rollins took a hit for Cody in order for him to win the whole thing. Cody Rhodes is now the new undisputed WWE Champion.


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