Get Outside While You Can 


By Edwin Buiter 

As the leaves change color and fall, winter comes closer every day. Temperatures continue to drop and we continue to add layers to our outfits. The radio station thinks it is already Christmas. The amount of really nice, pleasant days outside is limited. Given the impending depressive cold, brown winters of Kansas, I think it is especially important in the fall to take advantage of as many nice days as possible. For many, winter brings with it seasonal depression. Over 10 million Americans suffer from seasonal depressive disorder. Especially during winter, getting outside to appreciate a nice day can help alleviate the symptoms of seasonal depression. As good outdoors weather becomes infrequent, the nice days can become even nicer, and more special. Kansas has varying and unpredictable weather, so when one day it’s below freezing and the next is 60 degrees, take advantage of that nice day and enjoy it. Consider doing homework outside, when possible. As I write this, I am sitting under a tree enjoying a beautiful afternoon. Being outdoors can help free you from a creative rut, and is generally more pleasant than being stuck in your room. Appreciate every nice day, knowing that in a few months, they will become less frequent. Seasonal depression is real, and if affected by it, know that you are not alone. Do not be afraid to reach out to friends and the school counseling services as the winter drags on. But for now, go outside, and enjoy a nice day!