By Joe Robben

          An inspiring and innovative clothing brand has been appearing more and more around McPherson, Kan. Youth Empire apparel is being sported around as the brand has become more fashionable. The founder of Youth Empire, Parker Hull, is junior at McPherson College and got the idea by wanting to help prosper our nation’s ambitious youth and to unhinge their true potential. Hull implements this vision by donating 10% of profits to youth charities such as the Boys and Girls Clubs of America. Hull said, “The youth holds the future in their hands, and it is our job to build our youth for the future.” Inspiring the youth and helping them reach their full potential is a way for them to start positive change in our world. He started from the very bottom in November 2018 after receiving the Horizon Fund Grant from McPherson college. The grant awards $500 to help McPherson college students pursue their ideas in entrepreneurship. This gave him a jump start for his brand. The brand has started around McPherson but is starting to grow through the U.S. as he hopes to branch off into different regions. He has a variety of apparel ranging from shirts and hoodies for men and women, and he just launched crop top hoodies as well. Hull advertises mainly from his social media and plans to make an online store. He expects to build and grow Youth Empire to the next level as he gains more and more supporters.