Which Streaming Service Should I Use?


By: Garrett Connor

          In the last month, streaming services have been created and updated. Just this past Tuesday November 12, 2019, a new streaming service was added to the internet, Disney+. Disney+ has most of the movies produced by Disney for the price of $6.99/ month. This streaming service has caught the eye of college students everywhere. It is a way for viewers to watch their favorite movies from their childhood again. Apple TV Plus is another new streaming service that has been made available as well. It costs $4.99/ month and viewers get Apple TV channels which combines some cable subscriptions and streaming services like Amazon Prime Video. Hulu is a streaming service that has been out for a while, but viewers can get a cable package with it for a higher price. It starts off at $5.99/ month. In the last week, Netflix signed a deal with Nickelodeon which was a way to help keep viewers away from Disney+. With so many streaming services which ones are the best? To get ahead of their competitors, Disney+ offers a great bundle deal for their viewers as well. For $12.99/ month, viewers can bundle Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+(Sports streaming service). With this bundle you would be saving $5, which gives you one of the services for free. Unlike Netflix, Hulu gives the viewers more updated shows rather than having to wait until the season is over. Disney+ has almost 500 films and 7,500 episodes, and ESPN+ has live sports and documentaries that can’t be seen anywhere else. The bundle is the way to go.