Film Review: “Let It Snow”


Netflix Matches Hallmark

By: Garrett Connor

          Netflix has released another original film just in time for the winter holidays. Let It Snow is a romantic comedy that shows how a snowstorm can bring joy to the world. The film takes place on Christmas Eve in a small town. The viewers are introduced to three different groups of characters who have plans for the day. As the day continues, the characters go through changes with the weather and discover what means the most to them. I am always a fan of a good chick-flick. I would compare this movie to most Hallmark movies. It has the same plot and seems to have the same messages. I found myself connecting dots before they happened, which took away the surprise. I think it is a good movie for the holidays though. The message that is being portrayed helps bring the loving spirit of every winter holiday. I would give Let It Snow a six out of ten rating. I would recommend it to an audience that enjoys the typical Hallmark holiday movies. It is another movie to watch while preparing for the holiday season.