“The Open House” Film Review


Questionable acting, plausible plots: 4/10

By: Garrett Connor

          The Netflix original film, “The Open House,” is a new horror film that shows events that some viewers fear in their lives. The film stars Dylan Minnette as a teenager, Logan, who loses his father in high school. Since his mother, Naomi, and father were struggling with money before his death, Naomi decides to move herself and Logan to his aunt’s vacation home in the mountains. His aunt is in the middle of selling her house but lets them stay there until they can “get back on their feet.” Naomi and Logan stay there during the week but have to leave on Sunday because the house is being shown to the public. As they move into town, they figure out that the area is a little faulty. After his aunt shows the house the first week, random things start to occur. Logan is very curious and starts to figure out why things are going missing or getting moved around. As the movie continues, more things occur, which creates a fear that most people have of someone being in their house. As I watched the movie, I had the thought that these events could happen anywhere, but the plot was not the best. I don’t think that they chose the best actors for the movie either. The film did give some jump scares, but it was more of just an idea of events that could happen in real life. I would give this film a rating of four out of ten.