Momo No More


By Kenzie Jansonius

Many internet hoaxes have wormed their way into our lives, but none quite so prevalently as that of Momo. Originally, Momo was nothing more than a half woman, half statue made by Japanese artist Keisuke Aiso. However, the statue was later transformed into something more. False reports of kids being frightened into acts of suicide and self-harm occurred. Aiso disposed of the statue last year after he heard it was being used by an anonymous source to scare children into hurting themselves and others. It was discovered this week, however, there is no evidence that any threats to children or their families were ever made. In short, concerned parents who heard of the challenge on Facebook ads rushed to tell their children to stay alert and not to be afraid of the ghastly images that may appear on their screens. No such images have ever been proven to exist.