By: Colin Parks

On September 29 2018, McPherson College hosted its second Family Day here on campus. The many families that came not only enjoyed spending time with their bulldog student, but also enjoyed the many activities that the school had offered on campus. The athletics department had a host of sporting events including multiple volleyball games vs. Friends University and also Randal University (OKLA.) at the Sports Center, a softball tournament at both Bulldog Park and Lakeside Park, and a football game vs. Friends University at McPherson Stadium. Events not sports related included a family photo session at the campus entryway, a campus scavenger hunt, SAB Family Feud, SAB bingo, a color run hosted by SAB and M-Club, lunch and dinner in the Dining Hall, and also the opportunity for siblings to stay in the dorms overnight.

Freshman student Peyton Ohnoutka stated that she enjoyed her first family day. Her family participated in multiple events including SAB bingo, the campus scavenger hunt, attended the volleyball games to watch her play, and also watched the football game that night, saying that here family “enjoyed every moment.”

Another Freshman, James Cooper, also said that his Step Mom enjoyed her time here. “My Step Mom loves the campus here and also the people here having their arms open,” Cooper stated. Cooper and his Step Mom participated in the scavenger hunt, and also bingo, and took in the volleyball games, and also the football game. James summed up his experience by saying, “Definitely my most memorable moment was when my Step Mom filled me in on all that was happening back home.”