New People: Dennis Schorb


By: Colin Parks

The transition for most McPherson College Freshmen seems to be going very well about ¾of the way through their first semester of college. However, a small group of students may have had a bit harder of a transition, these students are the International students, especially those from overseas. Freshman Dennis Schorb is one of those students. Dennis is from Southwest Germany, in a small town called Malsch. Dennis is a Right Back on the men’s soccer team. When asked how his transition has been to McPherson College he said, “The transition to college has been easy because school here is easy compared to Germany where it is very strict. I also can play soccer the whole-time which kind of relaxes me and takes my mind of school.”Dennis also said that he does “enjoy McPherson College so far because he gets to play soccer all the time and [enjoys] spending time with [his] teammates because they are very nice.”When asked about a favorite memory or event he was a part of so far this semester, he replied, “I do not have a favorite memory but I do have a few funny ones, one which includes being able to participate in competitions against my friends in my Individual and Dual Sport Class.” And when asked what he missed the most. Dennis responded, “I miss my family and friends the most. I also miss the food because it is so much nicer, especially when it is home cooked meals.”