Double Sporters

Dual Sport Athletes


By: Tomi Simmons 

Ninety percent of McPherson College students are NAIA college athletes. Committing for an entire season to a team calls for much work, especially when there are also pre- seasons, and off-seasons. A collegiate athlete has much to do during the year, there are countless trainings, travel days, games, and team events one must participate in. Combine the sports with the education and grade point average they must maintain, doing one sport is more than enough. Some students at McPherson College believe in pursuing   more than enough.

  Though being a collegiate athlete is tough, there are some students that have become multi-sport athletes. Much relentless dedication to being an overall athlete is required when taking on this task. When asked about the pressures of doing two sports, soccer and basketball player, Emma Van Donselaar responded honestly,

 “Last year year I worried about switching back to basketball after my soccer season because they are different running styles. As a freshman it was hard to learn the plays as well, because I could not be a part of pre-season for basketball.”

  However, through these trials, these athletes still choose to do both. Though there are days some athletes will have multiple practices for both sports, their passions for them do not waiver. Freshman Robert Shaw plays football and jumps the high jump for track and field. When asked about why he decided to do both and not choose one, his response was,

“I could have gone to bigger programs for either one, but I chose here so I could do both. I wasn’t ready to give one up after high school”

  Being in two sports at McPherson College means that one gets two teams and two coaches to come to. Van Donselaar says,

  “I know more people through being on two teams. The Coaches support the soccer team, and soccer comes to support basketball. My coaches will always come and check up on me, I know I always have somewhere to go.”

  With the challenges, dual sport athletes still enjoy campus life and the education like any other sport athlete. The difference is they pursue athletic goals that are above and beyond because they love two sports.