Senior Feature: Hector Carrillo


By: Taylor Hires-Cualk

Hector Carrillo is a 21 year old tennis player at McPherson College, he is in the first semester of his senior year and has spent all of his college career here. He left the beautiful beaches behind and traveled all the way from Barcelona, Spain to pursue a business degree here at Mcpherson College because he wanted to keep playing tennis at the college level while simultaneously gaining a higher education. Hector was also interested in learning the English language so that he could be bilingual, not to mention gaining the American experience that many only dream about. Hector arrived in McPherson, Kansas in the Fall 2014 and remembers the terrible ice storm from that winter, the first he had ever experienced.  Hector says he is very much looking forward to graduating with his degree in May of this year and getting back to Barcelona to enjoy the beach and spend time with his family and girlfriend, who he misses dearly. According to Hector, the men’s tennis team is going to have a great year and is going to have a bright future, full of talent.  The Bulldogs started off their fall season on a high note this past week at Regionals, where Ahmed and Hector qualified for Men’s Doubles at Nationals and some of the freshmen were able to prove themselves showing that they will impact the lineup sooner than expected! He says, “Right now we are focused on getting as good as we can as a team as well as individually. We have our sights set on this spring so that we can make it back to Nationals, and if we are there we might as well win it all! Go Bulldogs!”

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