All School’s Day and Campus Blowout: What are they? 


By Taylor Starr 

You may have thought to yourself “Why do we have no school on May 12th” or “What is Campus Blowout?” Campus Blowout is an event held on campus by SGA. It is an end of the year campus-wide event that takes place before finals week, on All-Schools Day. SGA chooses a theme, brings in inflatables, food, music, and hosts contests for students to win prizes. Campus Blowout is a chance for everyone to relax, have fun, make memories, and celebrate the year before heading into finals week! There is also a costume contest and other activities that correlate with that year’s theme, Mardi Gras. All students who attend also get a keepsake item to take home with them (Olivia Smith).    Why does Campus Blowout happen on All-Schools Day? What is All-Schools Day? All-Schools Day is a celebration of education in entire county of McPherson. All the schools in the County are off school on that Friday (May 12th) and some businesses are closed or have limited hours. There is a Parade down Main Street, Marathon (fun, crazy games), bounce houses, a carnival, food trucks, fireworks, and more. Chairs line up and down Main Street for the parade on Friday morning. McPherson doubles in size and then becomes a ghost town around 1pm as people head to other events in town (Jen Bonham).   All-Schools Day started in 1914 to celebrate the graduation of McPherson County eighth graders and has evolved into one of the largest celebrations in Kansas. To learn more about All-Schools Day or its history go to their website: