Remember the “4 Ps”


By David Ross

From what I’ve seen and heard about the historic nature of what is happening on school campuses around the world, some just aren’t handling this the right way; they aren’t taking the right precautions and it shows. The team we played last Saturday missed a whole month of competition because they’ve had so many cases of COVID-19 on campus. Other campuses have been put on the news for having huge parties. Many people just aren’t taking it seriously, they aren’t treating it like the historic nature it is. I definitely see this as being a part of history, these days will forever be talked about either you were one of the people who got the virus or didn’t. My impact during all of this is to continue to spread the “4 Ps” positivity, patience, preparation and prayer. During these times unity is what will get us through these hard times, while society is saying we need to isolate and distance ourselves. I feel like it could’ve changed for the better if people took it seriously, many people were taking the sanitary side of it more seriously and if you pay attention to a normal day, most people aren’t washing their hands as much as they should and just doing the little things. The virus had people doing that more but it didn’t last long. The best way to describe what it was like during the pandemic is it was different!

This is in response to Prompt #4 from Campus ReBoot, an interactive documentary in collaboration with the University of Hartford and other colleges and universities in the US, China, and Australia. For more information and to see other responses, please visit the Campus ReBoot website here: