COVID-19 forced small, positive changes in self


By Elle Barrett

I haven’t really thought much about the historic nature of what’s happening globally with COVID-19. I feel like this year has been more tragic than anything and I see it as something I don’t want to reflect on until it’s over. It’s devastating that we’re a part of history because of a pandemic, but it makes me content knowing everyone around the world is going through the exact same thing.

Yes, I see myself as a part of history. However, there has been so much more that has gone on in the year 2020 than COVID-19 and I believe this year is going to be remembered for a very long time. This is a part of our generation’s defining moment and we are all a part of it just by simply existing. There have been both good and bad things that have come out of this pandemic. We all have found various ways to entertain ourselves, in and out of the house. As a whole, I believe COVID-19 has brought our country closer, knowing we’re all in this together. From an economic standpoint, everyone has been forced to work from home, had their work shut down, or completely lost their job.

Because of this pandemic, going to school online, and being locked in the house I was able to reflect on certain aspects of my life. There were several changes that I made, including changing schools. I feel like without COVID-19 and without quarantine, my life would be completely different and it wouldn’t be for the better. This isn’t necessarily going to change the world, but it certainly changed my life and I hope that I can make small changes in those around me.

This is in response to Prompt #4 from Campus ReBoot, an interactive documentary in collaboration with the University of Hartford and other colleges and universities in the US, China, and Australia. For more information and to see other responses, please visit the Campus ReBoot website here: