New Students Hit the Court, Field


By Donalvon Shaw

As McPherson College faces tough times during the COVID-19 outbreak, the school has begun looking toward the fall semester academically and athletically. As the new class of first year-students gets ready to face their new beginnings here at McPherson, coaches across campus are getting ready to face the next season of competition. They are doing this by bringing in new students to fill the spots the seniors once held. There have been numerous new commitments from incoming freshmen and transfers from junior colleges around the country.

When talking to the incoming first-year students, they gave me insight into their life-changing decisions and why they believe McPherson is the right place for them to call home. When talking to incoming freshman basketball player, Alex Van Patten, he began to explain to me why he decided to choose McPherson as his new home. Van Patten liked that at McPherson he would “be challenged academically and athletically and be part of a friendly and accepting team.” Van Patten also hopes to help the team bring home a championship title while pursuing his degree in business finance.

I also talked to transfer, Kaylee Begay, about her commitment to McPherson after coming from Little Priest Tribal College. She said while on her visit she saw that “the people and team were friendly and welcoming, and it just felt like a good choice and the players were ready to work hard.” Many more incoming students are getting ready to take on a new phase of life here at McPherson College. They are ready to take our teams to the next level of competition during the upcoming fall and spring semesters.