Science Senior Projects


By Greg Roller

As the semester winds down the senior projects come in for each degree. On April 20, 2018 the science department put on their annual science projects. Six students put in a ton of work to make their projects sing. Nora Grosbach looked at how bacteria diversity in rats and compared the healthy versus the sick. It was excellently done and had great photos to go with it. Andrea Kadeba included mutation in yeast cell to allow for a higher ethanol tolerance. It was put together very well.  Yaan Kadeba followed after and tried synthesizing an antibiotic derivative because bacteria are becoming resistant to the antibiotics that humans have. He looked at finding other ways to treat people so they don’t get infections. Amy Makovec used worms and stressed them to see if would increase lifespan, which she found out it did after three generations. Chantelle Theron talked about monitoring Acetaminophen degradation in blood at varying temperature. Last but not least Evan Willow spoke about the tested efficacy of aspirin as blood thinning agent against snake bites. The projects were very well pieced together and was another success.