Powerbeats 3 Product Review


By Greg Roller

Just recently Beats by Dre have released their new generation of beats headphones. They are the third generation and go by the name of powerbeats 3s. There are many good things about the product but also some negatives. The new headphone is great for working out, with an over the ear fit they are sure not to fall off. The headphones have Bluetooth technology and a longer battery life than their previous generation. The new generation comes with a different colorway called the neighborhood collection that brings solid colors to the mix. The problem with these headphones is they are hard to navigate through on your phone. Also, a thing many people have come across is that after a month of use the battery burns out. This is a problem, even though you are given a warranty, it is still a pain. Overall great headphones and wonderful sound quality. I will continue be giving my money to Beats as long as they continue producing wonderful products.