Spring Broke Vacation: Baseball Edition


By Tyler Dunn

The varsity McPherson Baseball team had a series of games over spring break, leaving the bullys stranded on campus. The dogs were left with college student funds and nothing to do, so naturally they broke out the hacky sack and video games to pass the time.

With the cafeteria closed and an NAIA budget, the dogs were left with PB&J’s, cereal, and meals provided by the coaching staff.

Pictured is Freshman Christian Casados participating in the Spring Broke Activities, enjoying the hamburger and chip dinner the Dogs were treated to. Seeing this, the Church of the Brethren stepped in and provided a meal for the boys to show community support. Their big appetites made the dogs hungry for wins, and they were able to pull off wins against Hastings College and Manhattan Christian College.

It just goes to show that no matter the conditions, may they be bad weather, or empty stomachs, the Bulldog Baseball team will come out on top. It speaks to the character of the team, no matter what they have to face they feed off each other.

Freshman Jake Herman states “When someone is down everyone picks them up. We can’t point fingers because at the end of the day we don’t lose as individuals, we lose and win as a team.” That speaks to their culture. By motivating each other, they are accomplishing things that people would have scoffed at in the past. With this “team first” attitude, the boys have beaten McPherson Baseballs seasonal win record, previously 24, and are now well on their way towards setting a record that later teams will aspire to beat.

Under Bryan Moses, Kasey Guinty, and Kyle MacKinnon, the Bulldogs are doing something special. By instilling a strong work ethic in their players the coaches are getting a season of hardwork from the dogs.

They are setting a foundation that future teams can build off of. No one knows just how far the 2017-2018 team will go, but one thing’s for sure, they will have the support of the campus and community.

As long as they work hard together and play with intensity and heart they will continue to have success in the weeks to come.