Softball & Baseball: A Diamond Dusted Goodbye


By Tyler Dunn

The McPherson Baseball and Softball teams will be saying goodbye to the 2018 seniors. These Dogs have graced the Diamond, making friends, memories, and a lasting impact on so many. They will be missed but they will not be forgotten, many moving on to bigger and better things, like Amanda Connells acceptance into Law School.

Now that the time has come for them to move on many took time to reflect when I talked to them about this final year. Reily Martin said that he will miss the little things like “Lifting with teammate Dom Ramos.” but mainly he will miss “Going out and doing what he loves most with his teammates.” Softball player Valerie Romero also felt sentimental about her time here simply saying “It’ll be sad but I’ll keep in touch” and she hopes that her teammates and classmates alike take away that “Hard work pays off” because the things you do in college simply set you up for the next chapter of your life.

For Treyton Devore the senior day was special because he got to start on the mound for Baseball, pitching incredibly well throughout the game. You could see the excitement and dedication in his eyes, because he was playing for something bigger than himself, he was playing for all the times he had been looked over, and because of this he played with a fire that lasted him throughout the game. When approached Treyton said that “It was great being able to throw one last time as a Bulldog, I am thankful for everyone that came and supported us seniors in our last home game. Seeing people I met here to support me made me think of why this has all been fun, and that’s because we are building friendships longer than baseball.” and this was a common feeling among the seniors as they graced the field together, taking photos and sharing laughs with the family that they have made over their years here.

One thing is certain, they will be missed, but they have left a lasting impact on those they leave behind, opening eyes and creating memories and friendships to take with them on the next step of their journeys.