Tyler took pictures to tell the story of his day on Wednesday, April 29, 2020, during the COVID-19 shelter-at-home order.


  1. The moon gives an eerie silhouette to the trees.
  2. Tyler sits awake, his mind moving to fast to sleep.
  3. The waters are calm as Tyler takes his daily morning walk.
  4. An outstretched hand longs for the baseball field that is so close, but closed off due to COVID-19.
  5. The fields outside of Canton, Ks, are a familiar view as Tyler, Jannet, and Justin head to surprise Taylor.
  6. The scene is set, now all that is needed is birthday girl Taylor Cunningham.
  7. Birthday girl Taylor Cunningham is surprised at her table.
  8. Surprise, all of Taylor’s friends waited in the backyard and are finally united.
  9. Best friend Tyler (Center), antagonizes birthday girl Taylor (Left), as Dajia (Right) laughs in amusement.
  10.  Best Friends pose in front of the Kansas Sunset.
  11. The sunsets on the day, ending the festivities.
  12. Tyler awakes the following day.
  13. A change of scenery won’t stop the morning walk.
  14. The shower waits to wash away the night before.
  15. A change of clothes and a glass of water leave Tyler refreshed and ready for the journey home.
  16. Justin loads the car as Tyler waits patiently.
  17. Jannet and Justin, left to right, admire the unusually low gas prices.
  18. Jannet’s appetite strikes, so a stop at Sonic becomes a must.
  19. The journey home drained Tyler, so Moana was needed to ease into the night.
  20. The moon watches as the day ends.