Senior Spotlight: Aaron Bachura


By: Logan Hartman

Aaron Bachura is a member of the men’s basketball team at McPherson College and will be graduating this spring with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. Bachura grew up in a small town on the east side of Kansas called Council Grove. Bachura enjoyed playing sports such as football and basketball with his brothers, but basketball took priority. One thing that drew him to McPherson was the fact that it was in a relatively small town which reminded him of home and made him feel more comfortable.After setting up his visit at McPherson, Bachura knew he wanted to be a Bulldog and he was done searching.

After graduating, Bachura will be moving just 30 minutes south of McPherson to Hutchinson where he has secured a position at an accounting firm by the name of Lindburg, Vogel, Pierce, Faris, and will acquire his certified public accounting license while employed. In the near future, Bachura hopes to become a managing partner at the accounting firm he will be working at. Bachura has been involved in many groups during college other than just the basketball team. Since his time at McPherson College began, Bachura has been a student ambassador, Ace mentor, a member of the business club every year, is a Resident Assistant, and currently holding the position of president of the Student Government Association. He is thankful for the person that McPherson College helped him to become. “It’s just fun to be here, it has made me into a complete person, it’s in the mission statement.” Said Bachura. If he could give any advice to his peers, Bachura encourages his fellow bulldogs to “embrace everything you could be and do so that you can become someone you didn’t expect to become, so you can become that whole person.”